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"Holly is the
owner of the
most magnificent
pet emporium
I've ever seen!"

- Sam Kohl, author of
The All-Breed Dog
Grooming Guide

PetPort owner Holly Levis and staff recently attended Intergroom,
an International Grooming Conference
with Sam Kohl, the author of what is considered to be the Dog Grooming Industry "Bible." After the event, Mr. Kohl paid a visit to PetPort and its state-of-the-art Grooming Spa.



Holly Levis and Sam Kohl

Mr. Kohl, the former owner (1965-2000) of the New York School of Dog Grooming, has been active in all phases of the pet industry since 1949. He has been a member of the Board of Directors of the National Association of the Pet Industry, the American Dog Groomers Guild, Ltd., and the International Dog Education Association in Japan.

Pet Age Holds Retailer Forum in New York City

Pet Age Magazine

It's a great way to have a conversation between other independent retailers and manufacturers," said Holly Levis of PetPort in Long Island. "If everybody understands everybody else's needs and expectations, I think it makes us all stronger and therefore more profitable."

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Read an excerpt from Holly's article on Pets and hot summer days:

Help Pets Beat
the Heat

- Holly Levis
Holly’s Pet Trends,
Trends Magazine

So how to handle pets during this oppressive heat wave? For starters, think about this: We all do it…leave the dog in the car to run into the store for a quick minute. We figure that if the windows are open a couple of inches, and we hurry, he’ll be fine. It only takes minutes for the temperature inside of the car to jump 10 degrees in hot weather. Add the heat index, which has been 100 lately, with high levels of humidity and a furnace effect is created inside of our automobiles. While humans have sweat glands to regulate body temperature, our canine companions cool down by panting. It’s much less efficient than sweating, as explained in a recent article.


Cruelty Alert: Pets Can Suffer Heatstroke if left alone in Parked Cars, published by the ASPCA. In only a short amount of time, a dog with a high body temperature can suffer critical damage to his nervous system, heart, liver and brain. At, they also explain that it’s best to leave pets at home when it is excessively hot outside. Be sure to keep the air conditioning on and leave plenty of fresh water at all times. If a dog does experience hypothermia (overheating), the ASPCA suggests bringing the body temperature down by soaking him in cool, not ice water. Make sure water does not get into the mouth or nose of an unconscious pet, and seek immediate veterinary care.

FUN WAYS TO ENJOY SUMMER: Exercise your pet during the coolest times of the day such as sunrise and sunset. Get a small pool for the backyard and fill it up with the hose…or take a ride to the local beach for a quick dip. Cooling beds are another great way to lower your pet’s body temperature. They are vinyl bends that you fill with cold water for your pets to lie on to cool down; they stay cold for hours. In the winter, fill with hot water to keep warm.

COOL INTERACTIVE TOYS THAT FLOAT: One of our favorite water toys is Dog Savers. These colorful rubber life rings, retriever sticks and bones come in all sizes, with colors and flavors that match those of the human Lifesaver variety. They come complete with treat compartments, which makes it a fun interactive toy on land, too.



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